Terms & Conditions

Shipping: Orders may be shipped from multiple locations. Orders are shipped within 48 hours. Shipping times vary, depending on the product, but generally take 7-10 days unless specified otherwise.

Sales Tax: We collect sales tax on orders from Indiana customers.

Order Cancellations: Please send order cancellations to We cannot guarantee order changes and/or cancellations. To return or exchange and item print and fill out the return/exchange form.

Photos and Social Media: All photos submitted to Sustainable Thinkers via social media and/or regular mail, become the property of Sustainable Thinkers and cannot be returned. Further, Sustainable Thinkers assumes all rights of the photos and can use the photos for marketing purposes. The submitter of photos commits to withdraw from making any legal claims or disputes against Sustainable Thinkers and understands that Sustainable Thinkers is under no legal obligation to compensate the submitter of photos.